Keep your hard drive up to speed with Defraggler

Defragmenting your hard disk is a very important part of good computer care. Defraggler makes it easy to do, and is more effective than the stock Windows defragmentation tool.


What does Defraggler do?

Defraggler is a disk defragmentation utility. What that means is that Defraggler takes all of your files and puts them in order.

As you use your computer and save files, sometimes they don’t get saved all in one place, meaning your computer has to search around to find a complete file. (When this happens, it’s called fragmentation.) Fragmentation eventually slows everything down. Defraggler speeds things back up again by moving the pieces of files together so that your computer can find them easily.



Why does my computer get fragmented in the first place?

The hard drive in your computer is like a filing cabinet. Each computer file is like a physical folder of papers. When you use your computer, files are saved, re-saved, and deleted pretty regularly, even if you’re not doing it yourself. However, your computer can’t put a whole folder in a drawer that doesn’t have enough space. So, it splits the one folder into multiple folders and puts them in separate drawers. It’s a clever way to get the most out of your storage.

If this happens too much, though, your computer has to open up several drawers to reassemble a complete folder every time it wants some information, which can take a long time. Defragmenting your hard drive shuffles all those folders around and puts all the small pieces of folders together again. Then, your computer just has to open up one drawer to get to a complete file.



How do I get Defraggler?

Defraggler is made by Piriform, and is available for download on Defraggler‘s download page.


There are two ways to get Defraggler:
The free download links, shown below, let you download Defraggler at no cost.
The two free Defraggler download links




Or, there is a paid version available for $24.95. The differences are minor (automatic updates instead of update notifications and priority technical assistance), but if you want to support the developers, this is a great way to do it. You can pay through the “Buy Now” button.

The button to get the paid version of Defraggler



Once you’ve downloaded Defraggler’s installer, run it (if you can’t find it, it’s probably in your Downloads folder). Allow it to run if necessary, then click through the installation process. You can alter some settings with checkboxes before the installation.


Congratulations, you’re ready to organize your hard drive. Find the Defraggler shortcut on your desktop (or find the program itself in Program Files if you didn’t create one) and double-click it. Click “Defrag” at the bottom to start defragmenting your hard drive. Especially the first time, it may take a long time to fully defrag, so please be patient.

The button to click to defragment your hard drive



If you want Defraggler to run automatically at set times, click “Settings” and “Schedule” to set it up.


Tip of the week:
Smacking your computer doesn't make it work any better. Really.

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