Hi, I’m Jonathon. Welcome to Super Simple Software.


About the Blog

Super Simple Software is a blog about, well, software. But it isn’t just any tech blog. This is a blog about simple software that’s realistic for the average person (someone without much computer knowledge) to use.

I’ve noticed that there’s a ton of information about all sort of technology out there on the internet. I’ve also noticed that you need a background in computers to understand most (or even any) of it. What little is available in plain English is usually written by a company to promote their products. There really should be a reliable source of information about simple but worthwhile software. That’s where I come in.


About the Author

I’m a guy with a computer background. Not just academically, either. I grew up with computers. Desktops, game consoles, laptops, smartphones, I’ve played around with them all. I’ve had the time and spent the effort to make basic mistakes, learn from them, and repair the damages. What’s more, I’ve done my fair share of research on different types of software. I’m to the point that I’m fairly happy with my setup, and I want to help you be happy with yours.

I enjoy teaching people things. In grade school, I was often the go-to guy for academic help. I also enjoy programming; I now know three programming languages and counting. It’s sometimes helpful to have knowledge of both the development and the use of software.

By far, the most important thing in my room is my computer. I built her myself (pay no attention to the awkward disc drive) and called her Aurora.

Aurora at her station
Not pictured: The mass of wires in the back

I play plenty of video games with her.


About You?

SSS is a blog about simple software for the technically uninclined. If you’re looking for instructions on how to hack the Gibson or create a GUI interface using Visual Basic, you may be in the wrong place.

Another thing to note is that I’m assuming that most of you are using Windows, hopefully Vista or newer. Some software will have versions for Mac, but some won’t. Linux distributions are unfortunately beyond the scope of this blog.


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